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What is the ETC Model?


The  ETC Model. Education, Training and Create or Capitalize on Opportunities. 

The ETC model is simple, and it's my way of giving back to others who may not have discovered a template for success. I look at ETC as the foundation for my success, it helped me follow through on achieving my goals.


During this workshop I will assist  participants and encourage them to  delve deeper into their inner comfort zones and unleash their passion, also to ask yourself what were you put on earth to do and  are you fulfilling that passion?


If the answer is no, then this workshop is for you.

At the conclusion of these modules you will be able to create your very own ETC model and celebrate your trajectory toward becoming a more successful you! 



Education in itself is self explanatory. However, during this module WDC will take a closer look at what education means.


You will be surprised that what it means for one does not mean it is the same to another.  In this module, we will look at creative educational opportunities that may have been overlooked within your organization.



Training is a huge morale builder for employees. Discover the different training opportunities WDC offers that can assist your organization in getting your employees to be more confident and productive as positioned for career opportunities and development.

This is where you get to be creative. Sometimes we must seize opportunities where you find them. However, if none exist WDC will explore the best ways in which to create opportunities that are just right for your organization.

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