"My mission is to provide the necessary tools to empower, inspire and motivate leaders, aspiring leaders and others who are  seeking self-improvement  by providing realistic knowledge nuggets as a guide to assist with setting and attaining their goals.”

A dynamic Police Chief, experienced executive, proven leader and exceptional motivational speaker Wanda Dunham shares her lessons learned regarding her rise to leadership. She will take you on a rollercoaster journey of adversity and perseverance, fear and courage, challenges and successes as only she can through her view as having been the Top Cop in a Law Enforcement agency for over a decade as well having worked in the 9th largest transportation authority in the county for over for over three decades.

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Chief Dunham’s New Book!

In the pages of her new book, “Becoming Chief,” readers will get to know another side of this extraordinarily professional yet intensely private Chief of Police turned Author and Motivational Speaker. Through candid personal stories, told with sincerity and humor, Dunham delivers on providing an inside look into the world of leadership and how she thrived despite the challenges put before her. “I am excited to share my life experiences, and I hope that if just one person is encouraged or inspired by this book, then I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to share my story.”

This memoir is the true story of a girl born in the segregated South and raised by both parents in a poor yet close-knit community. A girl who faced many obstacles, including racism, sexism, naysayers, haters, heartbreak, bullying, and jealousy, all to one day become the Chief of Police for the 9th largest Transit System in the country.

You’re invited to embark on a journey of leadership: the struggles, triumphs, and the personal experiences and lessons that helped shape and a build the framework for a challenging yet rewarding career of Becoming Chief.



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BECOMING CHIEF: Life Lessons Learned On The Road Less Traveled. Volume 1  hit #1 on Amazon in Business Mentoring & Coaching, Law Enforcement Politics, Children's Women Biographies and in the same night we hit #1 in Office Management and #1 Transportation Industry